About the Journal

      "Paedagogia Christiana" is a journal (semi-annual) issued since 1997 at Nicolaus Copernicus  University (issues 1-4 were published by Wydawnictwo Adam Marszałek) dedicated to the concerns of Christian education and religious education. Each issue is composed of four sections: 1 — Articles and theses; 2 — On family pedagogy; 3 — Reports; 4 — Reviews.

      The main journal's task is to show Christian inspirations and traditions in education and thoughts on education. Among these issues one can find; for instance, philosophical and anthropological as well as biblical and theological foundations for human education, and the issue of education discussed in the Catholic Church's teaching. Contemporary determinants of human education have been widely discussed together with the most difficult issues and topical questions asked in relation to religious education in its broad sense. Other issue discussed in the journal is human education in a pluralistic and multi-cultural society. The journal presents religious education as an attractive offer for contemporary education and a topicality of Christian educational ideal. It is open to issues of broadly defined religious education of whole Christianity, as well as, the concerns of interreligious and interfaith dialogues. It emphasizes particular challenges these subjects offer for religious education and; especially,  education for dialogue and tolerance and concern for own identity with an open mind.

      A broad form of the journal makes it possible to publish articles from outside the domain of religious education; e.g. on moral and social education, education for freedom, democracy, bioethics, significance of e-media in education. The journal also discusses the issues of youth education, pathology phenomena, addictions, special education, ecology or a new domain  — tanatopedagogy. The editorial staff also considers results of empirical research on educational phenomena and other than educational and religious point of view. The form of the journal enables to publish articles on the history of education and profiles of distinguished educators and teachers. One can also find here educational issues discussed during the National Congresses of Education.  

      The section concerning the issues of family pedagogy in its broad sense emphasizes the current problems of family life, family situation, and threats to family upbringing. The reports present important events and educational and religious education meetings. On the other hand, the review section mentions Polish and foreign-language works within the scope of general pedagogy and religious education.  

Rev. Prof. Jerzy Bagrowicz, Ph.D.

Faculty of Educational Sciences
and Faculty of Theology Professor at Nicolaus Copernicus University,
Founder of "Paedagogia Christiana" Journal